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Browser bookmarks export instructions
After exporting your bookmarks from your web browser, you can import them into Global Net Guide
Chrome - Export Bookmarks Instructions
Step - 1
  • Click CTRL+SHIFT+O (As in OH, not zero) or....
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the browser window
  • Click on Bookmarks
  • Click on Bookmark manager
Step - 3
  • Click on the three dots in the blue bar
Step - 3
  • Click on Export bookmarks
Step - 4
  • Save the bookmark backup file to a location you will remember
  • For the rest of these instructions, we will assume you save it to the downloads directory
Step - 5 - Import into Global Net Guide
  • While logged into Global Net Guide - Select the profile or create a new one that you would like to import the bookmarks into
  • Click on the Import / Export button in the top navigation menu
  • Select Import
  • Click on the Select File button and choose the bookmark file you just saved in the downloads directory
  • Click on the Upload Bookmark File
  • Preview the results to make sure it's what you would like to import
  • Click on the Confirm Bookmark Upload at the bottom of the page
Step - 6
  • Enjoy your bookmarks